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To see students Navigate Life Together in Christ.





To create opportunities for Jr. High and High School students to connect with god, adult mentors and each other



Energy: Passion, excitement, intense, NOT LAID BACK, work hard, play hard, and contagious are just a few words to describe our Student Ministry culture! I know this is unusual for a student ministry, but that's just how we roll.  


Humor: Why did the chicken cross the road...because it was funny...and people have been joking around about it ever since.  Humor breaks down walls and laughter is like good medicine (Proverbs 17:22).  That's why we don't take ourselves too seriously...but make no mistake about it, we take our mission VERY SERIOUSLY!


Personal: We are all about getting to the deep conversations of life, quickly.  If we don't ask the deep questions NOW, we could miss our chance. Conversation is King, get personal quick, get past the surface, know people, remember conversations. Also, because we understand that there are a lot of military families that could be transferred at any moment, we want our students to build deep friendships we'll get personal.


Excellence: We want you to notice that NSM is all about "quality over quantity".  We may do less "activities", but the ones we do will be done with excellence.  We promise to do the little things better than anyone else...we are constant tweakers.  Ok..."tweakers" is not really a word, but "tweaky" is. Our NSM team is VERY tweaky.



Cory Pedersen

Student Ministry Director

Cory has been working with us since 2011 and is an incredible addition to our team.  He primarily works with Jr. High students, but our team has a “whole student ministry” focus.




Kaylee Landry

Office and Event Coordinator

She keeps us on task, on time and generally makes us all look good and keeps us organized.

Ally Irizarry

NSM Studios Coordinator

Pastor EJ's Wife

Ally is an extremely talented and organized woman who loves working with drama and video production. A lot of the videos that NSM produces has her fingerprints all over it. From writing scripts to behind the scenes crew, Ally is 100% passionate about making NSM's video team look great!


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